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Feeding frozen food

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Hi all i have a quick question may sound dumb but here goes..
I have neon tetras and just started using frozen daphnia they seem to like it my question is after i unthaw a cube can i refrigerate it for a day or two? It seems to me a little goes a long way and theres quite a bit left at the end of the day. I know i cant refreeze it but can i keep it in the fridge until i use it up?
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you can.....however you can also cut the cube while frozen into 4's, then thaw out each portion as needed.....
Yes I think you can. I have before and it was fine afterwards. It was in for a day.
I cut hunks from large 2 pound blocks of frozen bloodworms and it's just not an exact science. After thawing, I drain as much water as possible and put them all into a small glass container with its' own plastic cover, dedicated to this task (wife hates me using kitchen stuff!). I feed directly from that dish and whatever's left goes in the fridge. I never use any that's been in there more than 24 hours. In your case, I think the suggestion of cutting the cube would be the best solution.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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