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Feeding Daphnia Culture Repashy Gold?

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Hi all!

I recently started another foray into the live-culturing world of daphnia. I tried it when I first started the hobby, and couldn't stop crashing both cultures I was working on. What a mess! I think I was overfeeding, but that's all another matter.

Anyway, my question is this: could I feed my daphnia culture the powdered version of repashy gold (created for goldfish)? As in, sprinkle in the powder and see how they do? I have a lot of that hanging around, spirulina is expensive, and my previous experience has scared me off of yeast even if that works for most people. Goldfish diets are extraordinarily high in greens, so they'd mostly be getting "veggies" anyway!

What do y'all think? Also, could this work for moina? Thanks for your advice and wisdom!

(PS. any daphnia tips would be GREATLY appreciated).
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