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Feeding corys

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I've been slowly losing corydoras catfish over the last four months, and can't figure out why.

Most of them were juveniles.

Water parameters are all correct. Ammonia 0, nitrite 0, nitrate 10-20. The substrate is sand. The tank is well established. I've lost no other fish.

I'm concerned it might be starvation. I stopped feeding sinking wafers, because the other fish (mainly the angels) devour them immediately (even after lights out). I've just used flake, finely crumbled so some of it falls to the bottom without the bigger fish noticing.

Any other ideas?
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It sounds like they are underfed to me, especially for juveniles. IME they need to eat frequently. I would start the sinking food up again and break them up and spread them out throughout the tank so that all the fish have equal opportunity to eat. I feed my cory's in pretty much the same spots every day so they know where the food will be.
I agree with Tuffgong. Id also try feeding the angels more to release tension on the corys food.
Do you guys have anything your cories seem to do especially well on? These guys are tough to keep fat, especially when they are little.
I would separate juvenile cories so you can feed them separately.

Fish in general seem to like the flavor of garlic, so soak dry food in a crushed garlic clove.

Some sinking wafers will also stick to the side of the tank. Try this:
Stick one or two wafers high enough in the tank for the Angels, and toss in some broken pieces that will fall to the floor for the cories.

Another way that works for cave oriented fish is to use a tube to make their pellets land under an elevated rock. The upper level fish (Angels in this case) do not usually twist themselves sideways to reach under the rock, but the cories should be able to fit under there.

As for favorite foods, most of my fish really seem to like Omega One Shrimp Pellets, and all the foods from Almost Natural Tropical Fish Food, including their Shrimp Pellets, and their carnivore wafers.
Thanks guys. I'll try some of your suggestions. Since I don't have any other tank available, I'll just try getting more mature fish in future.
I have been using mysis to try and fatten up my cories...but they seem a little big.

Who knows. Next summer will bring live foods...maybe that will encourage a growth spurt.
Hikari has frozen daphnia. If you thaw the cube in a cup of water theres no way the angels can get it all before the corys get their share. Not a good daily diet, but will help fatten them up.
Frozen tubifex will work too. Thaw in warm water and dump in the tank. It will sink.
Get yourself a piece of 1/2" PVC tubing that's longer than your tank is tall. Stick it all the way down to the substrate, then drop the sinking food into the top of the PVC. The food will sink to the bottom without any fish bothering it.
Catfish juvelines allways MUST be fat -good eating fish,later-once a day but lately 6times a week.
If you have quick fish up cats they stay uneating-or You have very coarse gravel.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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