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Feeder Snails

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Anyone ever have the oppertunity to observe snails mate?:fish:

It might sound abit the other night I was able to witness a snail glide down the glass and grab another snail play tug-a-war with it, and then that one left the protection of the shell and simply suplified itself to the other. The one in the shell climbed aboard and the whole process was almost 15 minutes of all sorts of glass gliding and free floating to the bottom floor, back up the glass and so forth. I wish I had a video camera with the ability to film such up close shots. It would have been a supurb youtube flick.
"When the Snail Dances", my wife was even impressed to have witnessed such an ordeal. Hopefully there will be more snails growing in the tank.

Oh, these are special feeders for the Puffer Tank. I really was amazed :icon_eek:

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what snail do you have there? Can you get pictures?
Or Identify them here.

I don't know of any snail that leaves the shell.
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