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OK guys, its been a few since my last planted tank and now I have inherited this 20gal tank we built a couple years back from one of my daughter who is tired of it.��

Current residence of the tank is 1 Fire Belly Toad.
After getting this tank back it had no live plants so I add them in Nov. the first 2 full tank pics are from Nov 6th and the rest was last week, so the plants seem to be glowing well.
I have a couple of questions on the direction for it.
-I would really like to fill the back ground wall with more plants. Suggestions? maybe something that will grow out of the water and onto the wall?
- I will need to get water to those plants. right now I have Eheim 250 canister filter. the draw is on the left side and the return on the right. all is hidden. I really need more flow in the left side so I am looking for suggestions to do so.
- Last I would love to introduce more fish and shrimp to the water. I know there is a chance the toad will eat them but I was also considering a 10gal sump to help breed and sustain them giving the the toad a food source. maybe guppies? or Cherry shrimp
Overall thoughts?


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