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Favorite Stones for Southeast Asian biotope

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I'm curious to hear people's opinions on the best looking, and most appropriate stone for use in aquascaping a (mostly low tech) planted SEA biotope alongside Malaysian Driftwood. I've heard mention of dragonstone and sieryu stones, but am not sure which is most appropriate.

Thanks in advance.
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I really like dragon stone. I like the look of seiryu but it can affect PH and wouldnt work in my tanks
Hi GreenPinky,

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One of the more common stones in SE Asia, specifically SE China, are Ying Stones. You will find them sold under that name or the misnomer Seikyu Stones (which refer to a region in Japan that no longer allows export of those stones). You can find them on Ebay, the various planted aquarium forums, and even - sometimes at the local bonsai store. The stone is a type of worn limestone and will raise your dKH / Ph; however if you are diligent about doing your water changes the effect will be minimal.

Ying (Seiryu) Stone untreated

After treating with muriatic acid
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Round river stones (the ones that look like huge pebbles) will probably be most appropriate. Although from my experience living in Malaysia, the rocks I find in bodies of water seem to usually be some sort of mud stone. Also there are quite a few areas with a lot of limestone here, so Ying/Seiryu stones would fit and they tend to have the most character. But as said previously they will affect your KH, so mudstone or the smooth river stones would be better in that respect.

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