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Fat oto

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One of my otocinclus has a really round belly and has a little pink node sticking out of its "butt". It keeps swimming back and forth across the length of my tank and hasnt stopped for the last half hour. Anyone know whats wrong?
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I'm thinking worms, like callanus worms. But how has it been eating and stuff?
i cant get a picture up tonight, tomorrow probably. the swelling looks like it has gone down by more than half of what it was before, but the pink node is still sticking out. what do i do?
it could be the egg tube thinger... when our "male" red devil started looking like its intestines where coming out we freaked!!! .. then 24 hrs later there was about 300 eggs laid... so now we know that the he is a she! lol that might now be your issue but i wouldn't start freaking out just yet... maybe you will have some babies soon! :p

i hope that you're right because the last thing i need right now is to have to dose my tank with medications. isnt it really difficult to get ottos to spawn, and near impossible to breed them?
ive heard of some lucky ppl on here that just wake up and have babies... perhaps your water conditions are perfect for these little guys.. good luck! keep us posted!
well idn if sky girl was right, but the otto appears to be fine. The otto's belly has returned to normal and the pink node has dissapeared. The poop is normal colored, not white, which is what i read happens after a camallanus worm infection. Also, i saw some pictures on the internet of camallanus worm infections and the pink node sticking out of my otto did not look like camallanus worms.
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