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Fanworth Trimming?

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My Carolina Fanworth is browning after i trimmed it. some new growth is sprouting near where i cut it and it is perfectly beautiful green. Do i just need to be patient? Any info would be great, Thank.
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Here is a picture of it. Also what are the long stringy things growing off of it?

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Anyone have an idea why it started turning brown after i trimmed it?
Long stringy things are roots. Growing roots above the substrate is perfectly normal on stem plants.
That what i thought it was, but i was not positive. Any reason why it turned brown after i trimmed it. Its hard to tell in the picture, but most of it is brown, with very nice green bits near the cut area.
So the fanworths seems to be coming back nice. Can i trim the roots off the side of it?
With Cabomba, I prefer to pinch the stems near the substrate. I then trim to the length I want and replant the tops only. I don't have luck with this plant forming multiple branches from a cut stem like Ludwigia or Rotala tend to do.
Im just trying to keep it short. I also want to trim the roots growing out of its side, but i down want to hurt the plant.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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