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fans needed for 2 or 4 T5 48 in. in a DIY hood?

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Would a fan be necessary in a well-ventilated (hole on top to vent heat and cut outs in back for filter pipes and more ventilation) DIY wooden hood for a 75 gallon running 2 T5 48 in. bulbs and another 2 T5 48 in. bulbs for a noonday burst?
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I think some slits cutin the top would be sufficient. T5's run pretty cool, and it's a 75 gallon anyway, I doubt it would raise your temperatures much anyway.
Cool enough to touch, as cool as a T8 48" 32 Watt is to the touch or much warmer? I'm thinking 54 Watts would produce a lot more heat than 32 Watts.
Thanks. Not so worried about temp of water rising, but about minimizing heat in a room that also has computers and monitors to keep energy needs down.
Another thing that will help keeping underhood temps in check is to mount the ballast(s) outside the canopy.
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