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family friendly beach in L.A.

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Hi, I'm visiting Los Angeles next week. Any L.A. parents can suggest me some nice beaches for kids, I have a three year old girl who's crazy about beaches. Thanks
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I dont know about the beaches in LA, mainly because they're always overcrowded during the summer, and there is not a bunch of things to do for the young kids.

If you're willing to drive down to Orange County, there are tons of beaches that offer an area for swimming and other areas for exploring [tidepools!!!] here's a link that should offer you what other people have to say about the beaches I usually visit.

I always hit up Malibu for beaches. They're always the cleanest and most well kept. Take PCH (pacific coast highway) down towards Zuma beach in Malibu. There's a turn off on your left side about a mile or so before Zuma with a sign that says Paradise cove. It's a beach specifically for children and families and it's a lot of fun. You may run into a line for parking if you go on a busy day like Saturday, but it's well worth waiting it out. There's a mixture of free parking and lot parking so bring some cash just in case.
thanks for the reply, I'm now in LA, and it's just so nice. No 94F temp. and 90% humidity and rain storms that knock out NY transit system on a working day. And man, I gotta tell ya, people are so friendly on the road, you've got to be a pretty angry person to have road rage here.

hey, riceonfriday, do you have a name for that nice beach with swimming and tidepool? I am driving down to San Diego next week so I'll definitly pass by the oc. If you can give me a name so I can google a map out of it, that'll be great. Well, thanks again, really appreciate it.

Amen. It's even better here in La Jolla (San Diego). I can actually feel it warmer in Fullerton (mid-Orange County), and it's sooo much cooler on the beaches. I dread going back home for the summer next week. I'm probably going the steal the fan from the shrimps for myself.

Haha, I bet road rage is better than NY, but I've gotten pretty annoyed at LA traffic at times.

Oooh, if you do come to San Diego, visit the La Jolla Shores. The gliders are cool, and the coves are cool.
And be sure to visit All About Fish in Long Beach on your way down, and then visit Aquatic Warehouse in San Diego.
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