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fair price to ask for my baby tears

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hey guys,

I have a massive bush of what i think is regular baby tears ( Hemianthus micranthemoides ), and its due for a trim, i was thinking about trying to sell the trimmings, what would be a fair price for this? i have probably over 300 stems of it, each will be 3-6".

heres a pic! thanks!

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Not sure about this particular plant, but what I usually do is search for recent threads from the For Sale section that are selling the same plant for a price reference.
10 stems 2-3 dollars for 4-6in

The Repens look better than the dwarf hairgrass. Nice choice.
I usually sell a small handfull for 5$....but seeing as most plants I sell are trimmings, I want them gone anyways.....
If I had 300 stems of those with that size, I think $50 would be appropriate. Any higher and I think that people will just not buy. Who wants to spend $100 on a fast growing common plant? I know its good quantity, but I would price it at $50. Usually people wont even have space for that many stems.
honestly, regular baby tears isn't hard to come across, so I'd maybe only charge 75 cents to a dollar per stem

then again, I feel only certain "in" plants should command higher prices per stem, ya know?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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