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External pump for circulation

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Anyone using a pump externally for circulation with say Lilly pipes attached? Instead of using a power head and having it visible in the tank.

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I had a MaxiJet 900 in my tank for circulation and just moved it out because I didn't like seeing the big black think hanging in the corner. The new MaxiJets are sealed for external use so all I did was attached a couple of flexible pipes to it and hang it upside down outside the tank. I am waiting for lily pipes to arrive to do the final cleanup of the green Eheim pipes I'm currently using with it. Seems to work well with no leakage. The only slight problem was finding some plumbing bits that would adapt the intake to 1/2" tubing.
You didn't say anything about tank volume, desired flow rate and how far will the pump be located?

I have used Little Giant external magnetic sealless pump (rated about 500-700 GPH). They are around $150-300. IMHO the best value and quality all around. I used one for years in a reef setup and was very happy. These pumps are quite powerful and best suited to high pressure/high head situations.
I didn't say because I just wanted to see if many people do it instead of a powerhead. I have a mr aqua 48g with an eheim 2075 canister on it. I'm having a little problem with brown algae on the plants, not sure what my issue is but I don't think my eheim puts out enough flow for good surface agitation and flow through the entire tank. I don't want to run a powerhead because they take up a lot of room, I have ran quiet one pumps externally before just can't remember how well they did it's been so long.
circulation and algae

Yeah - I am debating the whole internal circulation thing myself - but mainly as a way to keep junk resuspended so that it can be filtered.

WRT algae - just so you know there is no strong consensus or evidence linking circulation and algae. I would suggest investigating ferts, CO2 and lighting control. That has worked for me and is the approach employed for most successful tanks(hi tech and low tech).
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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