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Hi, so these are my newly set up paludaria (the left hand one is really just holding spare plants as I bought too many. Well, they were £1 each, so rude not to! They are ultra low tech, just a pump drawing water through a bit of filter foam to a waterfall on the bigger tank and not even a pump in the cube as I didn't plan to make that one. The lights were given to me but they are grow lights with a red/blue light which makes everything look brown and will probably cause more problems than they're worth so I plan to scrap those and just get some low wattage LED lights instead. The jar in my mossarium which has multiple inhabitants that weren't all intentional! Springtails, isopods, a millipede, a centipede and a rove beetle larva. The centipede and the rove beetle are probably decimating the isopods but they hitchiked in...
No doubt I'll post again when it's all dead/dying!
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