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experiences with lymphocystis?

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I have had an Angelfish for awhile that recently noticed was swimming sideways. I also noticed a weird growth at the base of the one pectoral fin. It resembles cauliflower. Besides being sideways and that growth the fish seems to be ok. I did some research and I seemed to have found the problem, lymphocystis, a viral disease in fish. Also called cauliflower diesease. I got some white skirt tetras awhile back from someone that have marks where I believe they were injected with dye. It said this virus is commonly seen in the dyed fish, assuming because they use the same needle for huge numbers of these fish. I can only assume these formerly dyed fish carry this virus, and my angel picked it up. I am concerned about removing or adding any fish to this tank now. Does anyone have any experience with this virus? Advice?