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Hi all,

So I have about 17 years worth of experience in fish keeping. I started when I was five with your typical zebra danio-filled community tank with a pleco and quickly moved into marine tanks. I started my first reef at 11 years old with my father and have not stopped since then. I just graduated college with a dual degree, one in marine science and the other in biochemistry.

After all this time, I never had a true planted tank and figured it was time. I'm all about caring for aquaria based on what I observe rather than what test kits say. It really hones my ability to appreciate biogeochemical cycles in nature and understand ecological processes to a higher degree. It worked well for my nano reef, and now I want to take that to planted aquariums.

I just started a 14 gallon BioCube in my office. I drew inspiration for the scape from Amano and am adding a variety of plants that I scrounge from other tanks in the showroom at work. I don't know exactly what I'm adding in terms of stock, and I'm open to suggestions! It is pretty much all just stock, so just a mechanical sponge and some plastic BioBalls (for now) and a carbon bag. The light is a Zoo Med Reptisun LED/UVB with their T5 HO FloraSun in the back rather than the stock UVB bulb.

That's all from me until the next update!


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