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Shutting down a 75g for a rescape to work on a New Project

I'm Located around Rutgers New Brunswick. (I also sell Blue guppies and CBS shrimp but I needa focus on this first )

1. Pair of Bosemani Rainbows Adult (Sold together) $25 The Male Acts like a puppy and loves being fed.

2. Neolamprologus Brichardi (Lyretail Cichlid) $20 ** I paid $25 for it (Lake Tanganyika Cichlid)

3. Ropefish $20 (They are said to jump out the tank but I've never had problems so long as the water is good and they have shelter.) Will Eat Pellets!

4. Albino Pleco $10 not shy at all and does a good job at eating algae.

5. Burmese Border Loach $16 for the (Pair) Active bois and will do an amazing job at keeping the substrate clean

Take all the fish for $70

+ 2 free feeder goldfish

Ill throw in some some free plants too!
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