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Exciting unboxing video of my new plant for the 110g!

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Hey guys,

I got a new, very hard to get specimen to get here in the states. check it out!

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petsmart sells those for 8 bucks a bag
I dont think so. This package went through a Customs a Border Control facility, i dont really want to draw that kind of attention, especially with packages with more cultures in them...
First, can you supply a link to the site where these came from ?
I will be very interested in seeing how large these get. Any "new blood" is usually
watched more closely than plants from local stock, but once you involved Amano's name you doubled the interest, at least from me.
On this site you occasionally see the mini advertised and I did manage to aquire
a couple, perhaps 4-5 plants of it from a member fairly recently. So I do have an
above average level of curiosity about yours.
Though admitedly I do drool over tanks the size of yours, I do have moments where
I drift back to the reality in which I live that allows me to appreciate the lower cost of
furnishing my 10g tanks/w plants as I did throw away more than I kept of my mini's
after putting ONE of them in each of both my 10's. LOL...
And perhaps saying how large they will get would have gotten my point across better
if I'd said how small they will stay as that's my most challenging aria when looking to
add any new plants to either of them. Figuratively ran back to the e-mail box one
time just after ordering a Balanese to change the order after the plant data base said it gets 21" instead of the size that a Japonica gets, which my mind pictured it to
be before I looked it up in that data base. I do look them up first now...LOL...
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Ive had this 110 going for close to 2 months now, anyone who has never had a large tank, always says to themselves, " one day im going to have a huge tank and its going to be awesome ". I was no doubt one of those people, now that i have one and know first hand the day to do maintenance it takes to keep up with a tank this large makes me wish i could easily go back down to smaller tanks. Right now im doing a 50% water change, thats 50 gallons! haha everything in large tanks, takes more and longer.

I feel your pain! I started a long time ago with two 30 gallons, now I have a 2.5 gallon, a 10 gallon, the same two 30 gallons, a 55 gallon, a 75 gallon and a 180 gallon. It's an addiction! I go through a lot of water though =\. I do use some of it to water my plants and to top off my aquaponics setup, but there still plenty that goes down the drain weekly.
Wow! Good luck with the AR mini! That Downoi looks amazing.
Nice! I've got two large (for this species) "bushes" of AR mini in my 40b that I really should trim/separate. I didn't know it was that rare, I got it as part of a big ROAK package of plants for like $10 shipped.

Good luck with it!
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