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Exciting 55g stock list?

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I'm looking for some new ideas for my tank and trying to come up with a stock list while it cycles. We want a decent number of fish (10+) and want them to be fairly exciting or colorful and preferably not the typical fish you see in ever LFS display tank. I looked into cichlids but it seemed fairly limited for a 55g when they grow up, and the ones that can comingle need to be breeding pairs, which means babies. Any ideas?
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I adore rainbow fish, some of the smaller species would be a nice addition. :)
Gouramis are beautiful, but have aggressive behaviours. haha
As far as bottom eaters, go with long finned albino Bristlenose plecos and panda corys or something, they are different from the regular types of those fish and make a big splash.
Get relatively peaceful dwarf cichlids!

I'm super happy with my tank atm with 4 german blue rams (2m/2f which appear to be pairing up into two separate pairs) a fully grown pearl gourami for that one larger fish aspect, some cories at the bottom, oto's and then a school of tetras. I've got 12 penguin tetras but really any set of preferably mid-upper water level swimming tetras would work

The blue rams are little jewels and so much fun to watch interact, if you don't want to keep your tank at 78+ and want slightly hardier fish bolivian rams would do just fine instead.

However I'd wait with the rams until your tank has been stable for a while they can be pretty sensitive. Good news is though that just with the rest of the fish (pearl gourami and tetras and cories) the tank will still be fun to look at.

..and yeah it doesn't have to be a pearl gourami, but it's one of my favourite fish, gorgeous under lights and gets relatively big while staying fairly peaceful. Def the most peaceful of the gouramis I think, what then the slightly bigger ones.

ETA: For cories I'd get either sterbai cories or adolfoi, leaning towards the adolfoi
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