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Excel & UV Sterilizer Together?

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Anybody have any knowledge of whether these dosing with Excel and using a UV Sterilizer are compatible? I know that Excel is light sensitive, and am wondering if running my UV Sterilizer is negating the effectiveness of the Excel. Anybody have any experience with using them together? I know the real test is how the tank is doing (which is fine), but just wondering if I'm shooting myself in the foot.

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I use excel and uv sterilizer in my low tech tank and it works just fine. I just dose it everyday.
You said the excel is light sentitive. So in high light, excel will expel from water , is that right ?
A year or two ago I talked to a person at Seachem who said that light "breaks down" Excel. Thus, whatever you put in the tank in the AM will pretty much be gone by night, not necessarily from the plants using it up, but rather from the light breaking it down. Thus the question about using it with the UV Sterilizer.
UV radiation breaks down organic molecules pretty readily..
I wrote to Seachem last week about this same subject. If I here from them I will post back.
I wonder if there might be an adjustment needed for when to dose or how much.
Or perhaps just run the UV at night and dose Excel in the AM? I'm sure there is no magic formula, but it would be nice to maximize the effectiveness of both.

Thanks in advance for passing along the Seachem answer!

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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