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Excel dosage. How much?

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My tank is 215cm x 90cm x 75cm and I am having BBA problem.

I have raised the CO2 dosage and will start dosing excel.

My question is how much should I try?

Based on the instruction 10 ml per 80 L and 10 ml per 400L, to tripple the dosage, it should be 30 ml per 80L and 30 ml per 400L.

My aquarium is around 1600L so I assume 200ml for the initial dosage and 120 ml for the subsequent dosages?

Would that be correct?
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I dosed 200ml for the initial dosage and add another 100ml last night.
This morning I found 3 dead neon cardinal.
Is this normal?
Should I stop or reduce the dosage?
i dont know how u worked out 100ml after initial dosage but u should be dosing 40ml for ur tank
If the dosage is 3x from the instruction, my initial dosage should be correct.

For initial use:
10 ml per 80L = 20 times x 10 ml = 200 ml
My volume is at 1600L

10 ml per 400L = 4 times x 10 ml = 40 ml

So if I made mistake to overdose the preceding dosage form 40 ml to 100 ml for 2 days, should I perform water change?

Should I continue dosing 40 ml per day?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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