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Excel, Bubbler and Covered Tank

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I've been reading around the forum and noticed alot of topics on dosing ferts and airstones.

Currently I dose Sunday to Friday with 2ml Seachem Excel and Iron, Flourish on Mondays (I have root tabs in the substrate)

I run a H2show Bubbler 24/7, ever since I got it fishies stopped gasping at the top for air.

I know that many turn on airstones at night because running it alongside their co2 diffuser negates the effect.

Tank Stats:
-20g Long with Glass Lid
-Heavily Planted with Amazon Sword, Rotala nan., Anubias Nana, Frogbit, Java fern, Mini Pellia.
-12 watts LED Aqueon Modular 10 hrs a day on timer.
-Fluval 206 with outflow 1 inch below waterline. (no loud bubbles, only water ripples)

Airstone/Bubbler 24/7 or nighttime only?
Is there an effect on 24/7 Bubbles while dosing fertilizers similar to people who use co2 diffusers?
I'm not quite ready to start using co2, so Id like to know if I'm using liquid fertilizers correctly.

Thanks, any help is appreciated. :)
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I have the same questions...
Excel is a chemical that is not dissipated by running an airstone. Fertilizers are the same. It is only when you are diffusing CO2 gas into the water that you lose some of the CO2 when you disturb the water surface too much. So, you can run that bubbler when ever you want.
Big time +1 on what Hoppy said.
However: Nutrient deficiencies are evident in your plants and due to incomplete ferts.The simplest way and cheapest would be for you to use the Osmocote+ capsules listed on this link as they ARE complete.
A better solution would be to use the "EI liquid ferts" listed on the link also.
But the only way to be able to fully adjust the amounts of any nutrient in your ferts is to use dry ferts and decide for yourself the level of the doses. Something which takes time but will produce better results.
Old leaves will not be repaired but the new leaves will be much healthier. The Osmacote+ capsules actually should be enough but use as directed and not more.
Thanks hoppy and Raymond, that was a big help!

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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