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Excel and Vals

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I started having a bba problem in my tank and had seen that lots of folks had success overdosing Excel to keep it under control. I knew that the vals can sometimes be sensitive to Excel but I had been dosing it normally with no problems and they were going strong so I thought I'd give it a shot. I did about a double dose after doing a water change this weekend and two days later the algae is under control, almost gone in most places. However the leaves on the vals have turned sort of clear and are melting away. I've lost most of the strongest longest leaves and some of them are starting to get uprooted. Are they gone for good? Will they come back if I cut down on the Excel dosage and replant them? Or should I just take them out and try with something less sensitive to Excel? Thanks!
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Pull the vals, strip off all the dead leaves and replant if the roots aren't mushy. Many should come back, but it'll take a while..
It's the overdose that's causing the problem. Normal dosing doesn't cause too many problems.
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