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Saw some threads about using this EW 604 External canister filter with atomizer combo with an atomizer to avoid co2 mist in your tank. I personally just want to limit the heavy co2 mist areas since it can be a trigger for BBA.

My question is does anyone have personal experience with using the following setup
Filter with 16 / 22 connections > Co2 art atomizer / Qanvee > External Canister filter

Is the External canister filter a true 16mm connection? Because when it turns into a 12mm, it's going to cut hard on the flow..

If it's a true 16mm connection how much flow can I expect to lose with this setup? 50%, 25% 10%? I do have some overcapacity on my filters as I turn the valves a bit down on the output. So a bit of loss is not a big issue.. just wondering how big the effect can be.

Or skip this idea as a whole and just buy a reactor... However I already have several 16/22 atomizers at home so I guess it would be cheaper to go with the EW 604 route. I heard if running big tanks it can be an issue to get enough co2 dissolved through a reactor as well. This might depend on the build of the reactor of course..

There is also a LW 603 variant. Smaller than EW 604. I guess bigger is better for dissolving the co2 optimal but it will cut harder on the flow. What the sweet spot when you use it as a reactor. Any personal experience?

An interesting option maybe what do you guys think?


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