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Got a petco giftcard for xmas, so I decided to pick up another tank. Got the Evolve4 as it is an all-in-one tank, and with some simple filter modifications can make a really nice setup.

I put in some AquaDurt substrate last night and stuck a couple of plants in (small sword, cabomba, and some unknown plant from my parents tank). Picked up some wood this afternoon at the shop along with some moss. I'm going to let the plants grow a bit before stocking.

I'm pretty much set on getting a dwarf puffer for the tank (I've always wanted one!), and I was thinking some shrimp if the puffer is small enough/non-agressive. I was talking to the LFS today and they recommended getting a gobi and a puffer since they don't bother each other much. Any thoughts on that? The gobi's weren't labelled with their scientific name so I don't know exactly what type they are. The puffers they have are Indian dwarf puffers though.

I feel like two fish in 4.4 gallons is a bit too much, but then again I'm no expert.

Also, is a substrate cap necessary? The AquaDurt is pretty light and some of the plants have a hard time staying in the ground.
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