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Everything was fine then ... BAM!

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I have a 125 DENSELY planted dirt tank, inverts, and fish with beautiful specs. I noticed some white spots on one of this fish. Immediately started the temp up to 86 and dosed with Paragard. It doesn't seem to be working. As five days later my Bosemani looks like he and is girlfriend have been salted. I also have lost 2 Dorityi's to some sort of lesson on the tale area that starts off red and then turns into an open sore. I now have a 3rd that has that so I've had to add Erythromycin into the mix.

I am worried that I am going to lose control over the tank if I don't medicate these illnesses. I cannot quarantine the fish, not an option. I don't want to just keep throwing meds in the tank like an idiot. I have inverts and plants to think about too. I did turn off my UV filtration as well as remove my carbon. If you want photos I have them.
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I think the problem is that, with the increased heat, secondary bacteria has settled in the tissues where the Ich Parasite has attached to the fish.
This happens very often when fish get external parasites ( not just Ich) and why I never recommend high heat for treating Ich. Many do treat with high heat, recommend it to others, and do not realize the effects to bacteria.

Bacteria's spread is temperature dependent, the higher the temperature, the quicker it spreads. This bacteria is always in your tank; however, in an immune-compromized fish, the bacteria can proliferate quickly in wounds or areas where parasites have attached to tissues. Thats why you should leave your temperature lower and simply medicate. Paraguard is perfect because nit both kills the Ich when free-swimming and also contains acriflavine which is an anti-bacterial.

This said, turn down the heat, continue treating with the Paraguard and change 50% of water daily, also vacuuming substrate to get free-swimming and Ich parasite out of water/substrate. This will decrease the parasitic load substantially.

Now, for the antibiotic, erythromycin is for gram +bacteria, what you are dealing with is aerobic bacteria which is 99% of the time gram-. Stop using the erythromycin if you have and do a large water change to get it out of your tank because it will kill your beneficial bacteria- which is also gram +.

Instead get either kanamycin ( Seachem Kanaplex) or nitrofurizone (API Furan 2). Either one of these will help with the secondary bacteria and lesions on fish.

Sorry to write a book, but these things aren't quickly explained. If can load a picture, please do.

Edit: You will dose both the Paraguard and one of the two antibiotics together. If you can get Kanaplex that would be the one I would recommend. Treat with the Paraguard for 3 days after all signs of Parasite is gone. The Kanaplex you will do 5 treatments every other day for 10 days.

2nd edit:
You have inverts.
Are all your fish still eating? You can feed Kanaplex with a binder instead of dosing in water column so will be safe for inverts. But, if fish not eating this doesn't help you. Here is the recipe from Seachem's site to feed Kanaplex:
If not eating, could you take your inverts out and put in tub or 10 gallon tank until done medicating?
Your plants should be fine with both of these drugs.
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