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Price drop on CO2 setup!! Fluval canister still available!!

I can no longer keep up with my tanks so I'm selling what I can. :icon_cry:

All prices include shipping.

1. Fluval 206 canister with media $85.

2. New complete CO2 setup [STRIKE]$175[/STRIKE]. $165 Airco dual-stage regulator, NV-55 needle valve, Mouse solenoid, JBJ-style bubble counter and other parts whose names I can't recall, but I know it's a complete setup. I bought it new from a member here who used to build them and I never used it.
Here are all the parts:

And this is a close-up of the regulator:

3. 5lbs CO2 cylinder. We can work out a price.

I have a lot of other miscellaneous things like air pumps, and a 30" Coralife Aqualight 65w PC fixture, too.

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