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I am selling a bunch of stuff for fish or reptiles. Some of the stuff is:*
55 gallon fish tank-nova extream ($100), Rena filterstar xp3 , plexiglass lids , ecco complete , driftwood , LOTS of plants , and LOTS of fish!*
I have another 55 gallon - deluxe dual hoods with lights , hydor korala 2 , HOB filter , and stand($200)*
I have a 10 gallon with a deluxe hood with dual screw in bulbs but one side doesn't work($15)*
I have a 15 gallon high that holds water but has a chip oi of the glass($10)*
now for supplies I have : nets , tank divider, Kent marine pro plant, algea wafers, flake food, bloodworms, krill, plant trimmer and grabber, vacation food, nets , breeder net , quick dip test kit , ick guard, start right , algea scrubber and even more.*
I have a mated pair of Jack demseys , pair of high finned angle fish , neons , Cory cats, shrimp, rainbow shark , plecos, upsidedown cat fish, barbs*
I do have the boxes for the nova extream lighting system($110) along with the rena xp3($120) and the hydor korala 2
new python no spill 25 foot kit used once($35)*
Don't be afraid to offer me for something either!!!*
If you have any questions Like wanting some pictures or interest at all don't be afraid to email me at [email protected] !*
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