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Hey, long time no see! Sadly, I'm back on TPT because I'm breaking a tank down, not putting a new one together. My lease is up in less than two months, I'm moving back to the great Midwest after seven...complicated years in Eugene and I want to get rid of everything ideally before July 11. I tend to ramble, so...sorry not sorry for the long/chatty post. I hope it amuses someone.

First dibs go to anyone willing to grab the whole thing... or most of it, at least the whole aquarium. If nobody takes everything by July 15, I'll look at separating whatever's left and update this post...or might make a new one depending on whether it gets much traffic. It would be cool if you could let me know if you're waiting on things to split up so I can get in touch with you if/when that happens or to tell you it's taken.

I'm gonna list prices but everything is OBO ...As much as I'm majorly strapped for cash and would love to make a buck, you're doing me a massive favor so I'll take LITTLE TO NOTHING for pickup in Eugene (near UO).

At the outset, while the plants are (very) grown out and all, I'm not sure the tank is fully cycled.

It was partially cycled about a year ago after at least a year of just not touching the tank at all, so it could still be. I did start a cycle at that point to try and be sure, but my mind was elsewhere, the horrible wildfires and the literal worst air quality on the planet hit, and after a little while, I knew I was going to move soon and wasn't going to get livestock, so I ended up just giving up tbh. So, don't go throwing fish in there the moment you take it home...not that I'd recommend that in any case, but still! I do also have like a half-gallon or so of ammonia that you can take if you're looking to do a fishless cycle. Or to do some cleaning... it's great on mold!

I'll say it again: EVERYTHING IS FREE IF YOU PICK UP THE COMPLETE TANK unless you want to pay me something as a kindness. If I was pricing the whole package, I'd ask $100 OBO but you can offer whatever you think is fair or take it for nothing, no hard feelings, haha.

I'm chronically ill and try to limit heavy lifting, so while I'll drain the water and will be around for some help, of course, your cost is taking care of the rest. I have some old soup bowls with lids that you could use if you want them for substrate or whatever.

You can also take the stand (I'd ask $20 OBO if this was a normal sale)—Full disclosure, I did keep some weed in one of the drawers lol. I don't think there's any smell in the drawers as it was all well-contained and I can't smell anything there, but I may be nose-blind lmao. You can sniff the drawers and make up your mind when you're here if you need to. It is solid wood and a little heavy, but not too bad. There's a rubber lining protecting the cabinet top and the drawers have liners on the bottom (not sides).

So, without further ado, here's what I have (see pictures also, and I can grab any other pics you need):

Hardware (prices for if I end up separating, all OBO):
  • 10 gallon basic aquarium ($25, you deal with the contents (again, I'll drain it, but that's all))
    • You might see that the water level isn't even. The floor is not even. I think the tank is, but it's been years since I evaluated it tbh.
  • Stand ($20)...Obviously, I can't get rid of this until the tank is gone.
  • 10 gallon rated HOB filter with sponge media ($15—you deal with the media or I can toss it; you clean the filter to your satisfaction after taking it home). There's no actual lid but you can take the food storage container lid I have on top if you want😅
  • BeamsWork EA 50 full spectrum LED light ($15)
  • Aqueon glass lid ($5)
  • There's no heater in the tank but I have a Hydor 100W you can take ($10)
  • Sußwassertang (Lomariopsis sp.) free-floating, not on mesh or anything (I'm not sure how well I could pull much of it out to offer separately TBH)
  • 2x Anubias barteri var. "nana," one smaller plant attached to a piece of granite, a big one attached to nothing
  • A heck of a lot of water wisteria (Hygrophila difformis)
  • Cryptocoryne wendtii var. "red," it was one plant but it actually split into FOUR, one of them ran like three inches over because it got tired of the rest, I guess LOL. I wish I didn't have to part with it (them??)!
  • A little bit of very small Windelov fern (Microsorium pteropus var. "Windelov" or "lacy"), not in great shape TBH but I believe the rhizomes are fine and they should bounce back with care. At least one is free-floating and I think there might be one attached to a rock.
  • Pool filter sand as substrate
  • Big ol' granite rock
  • Three smaller granite rocks, one with attached Anubias "nana"
  • Three? small pieces of shale, I think one piece with attached Windelov fern. TBH it's kind of hidden in the jungle of wisteria, so I'm not super sure haha
  • Snails. Ramshorn and I think pond snails... that might be it, but I wouldn't be shocked if another kind of snail is hiding in there and I somehow never noticed.
Random stuff... I got a bunch of it without really wanting it, a lot of it is old, some of it is expired but up for grabs nonetheless:
  • Like half a bottle of Seachem Prime (free)
  • Some other conditioner I ended up with (free)
  • Some of a bottle of technically expired Metricide (free)
  • Expired (but imo probably fine) fish meds (free)
  • API freshwater test kit and ammonia test kit, used but not expired (free)
  • I guess you can take my Python water changer? It has a 50...? Possibly 75? foot uh. Tube. You know. Lmao. ($30...really kinda would like something for this one because it cost $$)
  • Unused/barely used filters ($5)
  • Unused filter cartridges, some extra filter sponges
  • Some nets and stuff ($5)
  • Unused sand (free)
  • Weird little like (est.) 0.75 gallon thing that I'm sure was a horrible, evil betta "tank" at some point; I used it for acclimating and for equipment storage, but it has a lid like it's meant to be a tank. (free)
  • Classic black aquarium hood (you know the one) with... there's some light bulb wrapped up with it and I have an apparently unused ZooMed UltraSun bulb that I am frankly not sure fits in the hood. But you can have it. ($5 for the hood, bulbs free)
One more time: I'm not separating things yet! Looking for someone to pick up the aquarium with contents and the filter, if nothing else. FREE OBO (if you want to be extra nice).

If I reach 7/11 with no taker for the whole thing, I'll offer things separately
, though I can't guarantee I won't get rid of some things elsewhere. I'll try and stay on top of keeping this post up-to-date. You can still contact me about the whole thing at that point but, again, I can't guarantee it'll all be there.

Please msg me with any questions or to get in on this! Thank you!!!




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