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Kind of off topic-
I had a molly fry that had a crooked spine/tail and his head was much bigger than tail. He was way smaller than the other fry and swam slowly and wobbly. I kept him with the other male molly fry. The biggest made sure to drive everyone away to let the deformed "sprinkle" eat.

Sprinkle remained very small and deformed for 4-5 months. Then it was like overnight he suddenly grew very fast and became a proportional, regular black molly. I was so fascinated. I wonder if it had to do with taking his brothers away, or just a strange thing. Is that normal?

If I'd have culled him, I would not have witnessed this transformation. But, why would someone want to have a bunch of deformed fish around? Unless you don't mind, like me.
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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