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I don't think the rock wall it too high. You could have a foreground plant (hc, ug, glosso etc) or just sand - either way the height of the rocks looks good to me.

From the center all the way to the right the rocks are in a nice position.

From the center all the way left they look to be stacked, a little unnatural. See if you can play with their direction. Try to 'lock' them in. The bottom layer is ok, but the top isn't working for me.

As for the dw, it's very nice. An extra piece shooting off to the right would be cool too.

edit: just had an idea. Have the rocks start high on the left (even higher than what you currently have by an inch or 2), then, as they go across and sweep around have them gradually get lower to the substrate. So the last rock at the back is almost touching the sand (assuming there will be sand there). going for depth.
1 - 3 of 25 Posts
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