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Hey everyone, I have a 40 breeder that has been set up for about a year and a half (although I moved about 9 months ago). It is pretty well planted, although I probably wouldn't call it 'dense'. It has various anubias, various crypts, Java moss, Java fern, temple plant, and a stemmed plant that I am not sure what it is. It's gravel substrate with a hang on the back filter. There is currently just 2 adult krib, 3 juvenile kribs, and a SAE. The adult kribs have a pretty decent cave and are happy there. I think that the Kribs have stopped breeding as I have let the hardness of the water increase (by using less R/O water, I'm on a well that is liquid rock) this makes them much friendlier which I like. I really don't want all the fry.
pH is 8
KH: high
GH: high
Ammonia: 0
NO2: 0
NO3: 20 (because I'm kinda lazy with water changes. This could easily be lower)

Any suggestions for what else I could stock? Some of my ideas were Rainbows, but most of the ones I liked got way to big for a 40 gal.
My new idea is maybe about 5 zebra loaches and a decent school of cherry barbs(like 10) and maybe a paradise fish just cause (I would love a Severum, but am afraid those get too big as well.
Gudgeons were another thing I was looking at
I do have a couple other tanks set up that I could relocate something to if the Kribs started beating them up so I'm willing to be a little bit risky (like are panda Cory's a terrible idea)

Bump: Here is a terrible quality picture.


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Rather than zebra loaches (Botia Striata) I would get Burmese Border Loaches/Angelicus loaches (Botia Kubotai) or Golden Zebra Loaches (Botia Histrionica) as in my experience they seem more peaceful and their color pattern changes as they grow which is cool to watch.

There are Pseudomugil rainbowfish that only get up to an 1.5" and also Melanotaenia Praecox (theres also M. Pygmaea) that get up to 2.5" and look nice. All the larger rainbows need more swimming room (4ft tank or longer).

Cherry barbs are alright.
Rummy nose tetras is a nice tight schooler that occupy the lower half of the water column, while you can have rasboras school at the top. My two schools do school together often as well along with cardinal tetras when they feel like schooling.

Haven't kept Kribs or Paradise fish or Severum so can't comment on them as I am not sure if they commonly kept larger fish would fight with them or not (German Blue Rams, Gourami, etc).
I had bad experience with Peacock Gudgeons and them nipping my Gertrudae rainbows and Corydoras. Theres mixed experiences with them, some have no problems, some people do.
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