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ESAB CO2 regulator can i attach solenoid to this ?

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Hi, I am planning to buy ESAB regulator and attach solenoid to it. my question: is it possible to attach solenoid to this regulator ? please help me on this guys.


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Yes, you just need to find the necessary fittings and a solenoid that will fit.
One method would be to remove it so as to start w/ "most likely" NPT threads..but no guarantee.

Trick will b to figure out exactly what is there, what you can get to fit, ect.
Attaching a solenoid is easy, figuring out the fittings is not always so easy..

According to the spec sheet here:
Buy ESAB Dura Series Double Stage Regulator ?

3/8BSP outlet r/h thread male
0.860 x14TPI R/H female..inlet from CO2

Plenty of cheap hot ones out there..
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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