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Erythromycin safe for all?

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I've had a cyanobacteria problem for a few months now. I've read a lot about it. I believe my filtration and flow are good, although could be better but don't have many options to increase flow and circulation with this tank without spending a lot of money.

So I looked into Erythromycin and need tips:

1- first - is it safe for fish, plants, invertebrates (ammano shrimp and nerites)?

2- howe about good bacteria? I read that I should remove my bacteria colonies from the filter while dosing.

3- Dosing regimen: how much per gallon? how often and for how long? I have a 12gl tank

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We had a terrible outbreak of Cyano. Was able to remove it via a full blackout (not just lights, literally black garbage bags taped around it) for 3-5 days until none is seen when you look in. Water change as needed (watch parameters as it begins to die off). It looked like a brand new tank after 5 days and it was insane. We were far more careful and watched parameters and WC schedule far closer and it has never returned since (over 6 months ago).
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