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Eriocaulons, a first time try.

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Hey everyone,

I have been oggling Erios for a few months now and just pulled the trigger and bought some. I bought a few smaller ones so they were a bit cheaper and seemed like a better idea to start out with these than jumping into a full sized plant which would've been much more expensive. Only thing I am kind of worried about is the size, they ended up being about half the size of what I expected them to be. Since I have not grown this plant before any advice would be welcome from those that have more experience with this plant.

I cleared out a spot in my 75 gallon high-tech tank in the front where it should get ample light, co2 and water flow. I also put two fresh root tabs where I planted them. Now on to the details:

75 gallon aquarium
Activ-Flora substrate
Co2 injection
ADA Beetle Pollen diffuser
EI dosing schedule --CSM+B, GH Booster, Kh2po4, Kno3, Chelate Iron
6 T5HO lights on various timers to simulate sunrise and sunset

Now to the best part, that pictures! I am hoping these guys will grow well.

Eriocaulon sp. "Shiga" - believe this is Eriocaulon sp Japan but wasn't sold as that

Eriocaulon sp. "Cinerum" - first Erio i ever saw and what made me drool

This is a not so good photo of them in the tank after I planted them.

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get some root tab for them :)
I have plenty of those. Put two new ones where I planted them at.
Anyone else have any input? I know there's a bunch of you out their with Erio's, share your tips and tricks with use here on TPT, your experience will help other trying their hand at these fantastic plants.
Try E. parkeri. Very easy one to grow and stays a good size. For something larger, E. compressum (can be seen in Tom Barr's tank). Both native, hardy, excellent plants; they need not be exotic.

Yes, root tabs.
You are doing everything right just wait my friend
Just wanted to give a little up date, my Erios are doing good! Growing slower than I expected but they are chugging along.

About a month after I had them, all of them ended up melting and I thought all was lost but they have come back with time. The Shiga is taking the longest to come back, but even the tiniest one has split into three plantlets which I am happy about. It is just too tiny to dig up and split apart right now, I'm hoping in a couple months it'll be ready to split. The other Shiga is doing well, it hasn't split yet but is growing nicely, has a nice white center like I've read they should have when they are healthy.

My cinernum are doing great! Both of them have split and are growing much faster than the Shiga, but they didn't have as serve a melt down as the Shiga did. I believe both of them are big enough to split, they are about the size as when I bought them, maybe a but bigger. I had to move one of them to a different tank because my TSAE would not leave it alone. It is the biggest out if the original plantlets I bought, I believe it too has split, but I forgot to get a photo.

I have bought some parkeri since I made this post. Those are doing great and splitting like crazy! I am hoping to have the front corner of my 75 filled up with wonderful Erios by the end of the year or so, I know these things take a while to grow. I am planning to plant the empty spot behind the Erio patch with some more s reopens when I get back from vacation. Thinking about having a row of ar mini split the erios from the s reopens, but not sure about that.

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With parkeri the more you split them the faster they grow. I can split most of mine once a week. My compressum though is growing super slow and it's an algae magnet I have noticed.
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