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Hi, i was thinking about the shrimp-o-drome and i thought that i will breed red crystal (maybe+bee shrimps) separately in a larger tank (maybe 50 liters)...
I'm looking around about the technical equipment of that tank...
It will be approx 60 (+ or minus 2 cm)x30x30cm, whit a canister filter...
My dubt is about the light..

I can choose between:
1)1x T5 24W
2)2x T5 24W
3)2x T8 15W

What do you think is the better configuration?I will use as plants:
-pogostemon helferi
-and other.

What gravel do you think is better?I think something black, i dont want to use adasoil because many people had problems with adasoil and deaths of shrimp (maybe for the Iron that is present in ada soil)..

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