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Epsom Salt?

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Hi all, was going to be using epsom salt for my source of magnesium but then noticed this.... On the bag it says Total Mg 9.8% and Total Sulfur 12.9%
Does epsom salt usually have sulfur in it?? I'm glad I noticed that before adding to my tank. This is epsom salt sold for plants, not the kind found in the pharmacy. Thanks.
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EDIT: brainfart today.... just make sure the formula is:

The epsom salt I have and dose is


No sulfur. Try looking for a different brand.
:icon_eek: The S in MgSO4 stands for sulfur. SO4 is sulfate.
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d'oh... total brainfart. :icon_lol:
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Sensitive content, not recommended for those under 18
I know what you mean. I've had many brainfarts. I'm glad there's no smell released when it happens.:hihi: I'm having trouble with my memory gland as well.:icon_smil
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