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Just finished running through my first 20# bottle and wanted to post my observations with my micromatic 642 (found in Sumo's premier line also). My setup consists of a Micromatic 642 and a burkert solenoid. It's Tee'd off to 3 tanks (20g, 30g, 75g) and a kegerator.

Originally set at 8psi with 900psi reading on the high side.

About 1.5 months ago, high side began dropping to around 700psi. At this point, the working pressure had drifted to about 10psi. Because this only slightly increased CO2 output and was still acceptable as a serving pressure for the kegerator, I made no changes.

Over the past 1.5 months, the high pressure gauge has SLOWLY crept down until finally reaching empty today. During that time, the working pressure has NOT risen anywhere past 10psi. Drop checkers have all been reading a nice green/yellow and no dead fish. Beer has also been serving fine.

Obviously this is purely anecdotal experience, and doesn't imply that EoTD might not be a hazard with other solenoids. I'm quite sure a lot depends on the quality of the regulator and your initial parameters.
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