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ENTIRE RCS/PFR Colony for sale! Tearing down the tankJ

PLEASE NOTE: I can not ship until Monday the 10th.

***Please already have a tank up and running and cycled BEFORE you purchase. Thank you for understanding!

This is a mixed colony of Red Cherry Shrimp and Painted Fire Reds. Though for the last 2 months I had culled all of the adult cherries and there were only PFRs in there breeding.

There are maybe 5-6 adult PFRs in the group, 1 male out of those. I got these shrimp in March of this year as subadults so they are a bit older and might only make it a few more months. BUT, I should have at least 100 babies/juvies in there. I keep my tanks cold with no heaters so growth has slowed quite a bit so the babies that are the smallest in there are still 3-4 weeks old. My tank temp stays around 68-70. Higher temps speed up growth rates so if your tank temp is higher they will grow in no time. In the summer they were growing extremely fast at a tank temp of 74-76. Sizes will vary from 1/8” to adult. So yes, some will be tiny! All age groups from 3 weeks old to adults. All adult females should be saddled again and ready to breed, one has just berried up as of yesterday, as well as many of the subadults already saddled. I have spotted at least two slight rili patterns in these though I've never owned rilis so some variations are already popping up.

I would prefer to sell these to one buyer, however, if I don’t have anyone interested in the entire colony by Saturday morning I will break them down into smaller group prices.

ENTIRE colony of 100+ RCS/PFRs will be $95 POSTAGE PAID PRIORITY. They will be packed in multiple breather bags with a bit of moss and guppy grass for them to hang on to with a heat pack so will need a larger Priority box (Which will be $10 or more shipping) so that puts the cost of these at about .85 each. I will be counting these as I catch them and if there are less than 100, you will be refunded the difference (at 85 cents each). If there are more than 100, which is my guess, then you’ll just luck out.

I am sometimes open to trades on other shrimp, depends on what you have so message me (not interested in more neos though more than likely). I am open to reasonable offers on this group as I really need to get this tank torn down in the next two weeks.

FREE FOOD SAMPLES will be included. Please message me if interested.

First two photos below are some taken today. Last two photos were taken a week or two ago. (Crystal Shrimp in photos not for sale)

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