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Enough CO2

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Hi All,
Have a 150g with a CO2 regulator hooked up to the return side of canister filter running through CO2 reactor. Have it set to ~ 2bps. The drop checker does not change from blue even when placed closer to the filter return (where CO2 comes in to tank).

Overall, water is high PH (well water through water softener PH of ~ 8.5). the CO2 does not seem to be changing this at all.

do I need higher BPS?
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OK, makes sense. So regardless of PH level before CO2 into tank, just load tank up to get the drop checker to green (obviously keeping an eye on fish for ill side affects).
Usually it's best to slowly ramp it up so as to not shock your fish. I never got my drop checker to work properly, most people aim for a 1.0 or slightly greater pH drop.
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