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Enhance my scape

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As the topic said. Point out my faults and give solutions to help solve the issues.

The tank is very young at this point, so critique with the view of things growing in.

IMG_0517[1] by Gt Turbo 1883, on Flickr
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What size tank
Are you using injected/DIY/Excel
What(exactly) light
Low Tech= low cost/maintenance
High Tech=high cost/maintenance
If you would like people to suggest more than "buy more plants" then these details
would be helpful.
Tank info
Tank - 10g
Substrate - Organic, no soil, potting medium covered with pool filter sand
Lighting - 2 13w spiral CFLs with a diy foil reflector, on a timer
Filter - Aquaclear 20 (diy prefillter)
Fauna - 12 CPDs, 6 RCS (CPDs have been ordered and are awaiting pick up)

DIY Co2 is an option which was already on this tank and could easily be replaced. I also have dry ferts which can be added.

Take a look at my signature, this used to be the "Office utopia" .
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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