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I think I stumbled onto something that hopefully wiser and more experienced fish breeders can comment on. I have 3 mature pure stain Endler females that produce a dozen or so fry every Month. When they are fat, wide black anus, swim off center, and try to isolate themselves, I know its close to the time for them to give birth. left alone in my 10gal isolation tank she seems to push out each tail first fry over several days before she's through thus risking predation.

I found that if I take the mother out, put her in a half tank water full 1 quart white clouded plastic soup container like you'd get at the deli or Chinese take out, she will shoot all her fry out of her belly in a matter of hours. I'm guessing the stress or comfort of the calm enclosed space is doing something to help her along. would any experienced fish breeders care to comment on my observation? It's easier for me to get the fry out quickly, as long as it's OK with her :icon_conf

I use the Lee Guppy Breeder boxes to isolate the fry while in my main 29gal tank, but even the small clear 2-way cube does nothing to induce the mother's labor any further then were she swimming free in my 10gal tank.
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