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I am new to high tech planted tanks and I’ve started a 68g with ADA Amazonia II over Powersand, an Oase Biomaster 350, Co2 and EI dosing. Heavily planted and they are doing well and growing. The tank has been flooded for over a month now and my test kits are indicating that the cycle is complete. After high spikes of ammonia and nitrite, I am now at zero for both with a steady 30ppm nitrate.

My question is that since I am not quite ready to add any fish or other livestock, do I need to add ammonia to the tank to keep the biofilter fed, as I would for a non-planted tank? Or is my soil still leaching ammonia, but the biofilter is converting it immediately?
Is it safe to wait a while before adding fish?

Thanks for any help or advice : )
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