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Emersed staurogyne repens

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Does anyone have any experienced with going from emersed staurogyne repens to immersed? Recently I grew out a large portion of staurogyne repens emersed (from 3 tiny plantlets ended up with almost .5kg of s. repens). Decided to see how it will transform to immersed growth. Just curious if anyone else has gotten it to work and if so did they find anything that helped.

What I have tried so far(in process):
1. Gradually increasing Humidity (normal 85% moved slowly into the high 90's)
2. Increasing the saturation of water in the soil over 2 weeks too the point that it was almost a soup.
3. trimming back growth right before transferring so that less growth would need to die off/less leaves for the roots to supply nutrients to (also less CO2 demanding I am thinking).
4. When I started them in the new tank I am starting them out semi-immersed (quarter of the plant is under water) hoping this will give the plant additional CO2 while it begins rooting. Once I am confident in the roots I will flood them.
5. Before transfer I decreased the temp of my emmersed setup about 10 degrees F over a week and held it for another week at that temp. Now that they are transferred I am increasing temp over the next week. (thinking cool season going into warm season (probably not a long enough period but we will see).

To be more specific, I am testing these in conjunction with each other right now to see if any of these methods work better than others (or any combination) currently I am on day 2 of transferred (replanted for flooded).

Further note: I am also trying HC and 4 different types of crypts this way (obviously I am not trimming the leaves of the crypts in half but I digress)
Really I am just curious as to what will happen I know going from emmersed directly to immersed with no prep can be very frustrating, so I am trying to figure out a way around it.

Ideas, comments, critiques all welcome.
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I've actually done this, but with no scientific method behind it. I was just curious. Just like you, I took a small clump and planted it in a glass bowl with dirt. I started to just spray it from time to time with, now I just dump water til the soil is soaked. Grew fairly well and I took some of the emersed growth and put it into my betta tank. Surprisingly, the emersed growth didn't melt. But you can tell where the new imersed growth is smaller more "compact" vs the emersed leaves. I have not tried this with any other aquatic plants. And I have no problems growing algae emersed either haha.
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