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Emersed setups - Help me get the plants started!

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Here is one of my windowsill emersed setups:

I've done well getting HC, HM, various crypts, ricia, polygonums and hygrophilias to grow emersed, but I am having the worst time getting rotalas started.

Any tips? Mine just turn to mush in a matter of days or dry out. I've tried a lot of different soils, substrates, but nothing is working. Does anyone here grow rotala sp. emersed? And how?

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High humidity is the key in converting submersed plants into emersed form. Rotalas need pretty high humidity normally but I'd try to start them out at or around 100% humidity for a couple weeks and then slowly reduce it. I think they'll be happiest if it's kept above 60-70% though. They naturally grow in rice paddies and other boggy areas so keeping the soil nice and wet will help too. I had a couple species a while back and they grew just fine alongside my emersed Crypts (>90% humidity, nearly flooded, moderate lighting).
Thanks, Lego. I must admit the humidity is pretty low in my setup. It's probably close to 60% at the moment. I'll increase the humidity and report back in a few weeks. Did a bunch of searching and reading, but couldn't find a solution. I appreciate your help! :)

You're crypts are beautiful!
LOL so this is where that little chunk of HC with soil attached to it came from?! Did the crypts come from here too? The crypt babies look like they've grown since I submerged them... haha I didn't really understand what you meant about washing the soil off and watching them melt but now I do!


This is fantastic I never thought about doing something like this... up up and away to a new project! I have to go remove the HC chunk from my 30g lol
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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