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Emersed Setup

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So I am considering setting up my first emersed tank, a 30g breeder and was wondering how clip on lights would work

Considering using daylight CFLs in 2-3 clip on lights

Would this be enough light to grow some foreground plants? Thinking UG, HC, and Monte Carlo
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Should work. I'm running a 23 watt cfl over my 6 gallon emersed. I could grow any plant I wanted to. Keep in mind you want about 2/3 the light you'd use for a submersed setup because emersed forms don't need as much light and light intensity isn't affected by any water.
CFLs are great lights for emersed setups.
Would definitely work. I use two cfls over my 20L emersed tank just fine.
Yea, I'm just looking to conserve electricity rather that using two t5s or something like that

Gotta check out what my local home depot has available
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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