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emersed setup outline. am I doing it right?

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Hey everyone,

So I looked up how to do emersed setups and have decided to do the following. Please let me know if I am doing it right. It's going to be getting me through college bill paying and food buying so hopefully it works! :)

Substrate: MGO or Miracle Grow Potting Mix (not 'moisture control') covered by non-clumping/no fragrance kitty litter.
Fertilizers: Not sure but have heard to use Miracle-Gro® Water Soluble All Purpose Plant Food
Lighting: Home Depot 48'' shoplight

Any recommendations for the substrate (Special thanks to Seattle_Aquarist for helping me plan)
I plan to wrap it with saran wrap to ensure the humidity stays high and the smell doesn't get out to my roommates. Regarding watering, should it be watered often or just so the soil is moist and the humidity is high?
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Hi pandamonium,

Your set-up should do fine for you; I keep my water level just below the level of the kitty litter to minimize algae and fungus growth on the substrate. My light is on about 18 hours per day. I pick up Miracle Grow water soluble All-Purpose Plant Food at Home Depot. How about some pics?
I'll post some as soon as possible :) I have to get settled into school mode and then get that started. There is a Home Depot near here so I can go today to scope out prices.
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