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Emersed Hygrophila angustifolia? pics

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ok so I bought 4 emersed bunches of Hygrophila angustifolia from petco... i think? Is this it?

Will the leaves die when in transition to immersed form?

I got these in my tank now:

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It's a type of H. corymbosa, but yes, it's the 'angustifolia'. There is a species H. angustifolia as well, but that's not what you have.
it looks like what i bought from petco as "blue hygro." It's not the same species, like Tinanti said, but it looks like pretty much the same thing, so you can treat it as such.
expect to have some stem rot and leaves falling off. I seen the same at petco but once i notice it wasn't grown submerge i didnt buy it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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