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Emersed Dwarf Sag and C. Wendtii journal

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Ive been wanting to to an emersed setup for a while now and i finally decided to start it. im using a bare 1.5g acrylic tank (tetra water wonders) and playsand as a substrate. the lighting will be an 18w cfl and sunlight from the window.

heres some pics. right now i still have them submerged and im gonna slowly lower the water level over time to let them adjust to emersed growth.

Stay tuned for more updates! :)
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added some small Hygrophila Angustifolia stems
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Lowered water level so Crypt is now emersed
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You can go ahead and lower it right to the substrate. Im sure you wont have any problems.
You'll probably want to add some type of root tab for the crypt, since they're heavy root feeders though. I'm very curious to see how this turns out. Legomaniac's journal has definitely piqued my interest in emersed setups.
yes ive been planning to get some Osmocote and put a few granules in the substrate for it.
Lowered the water level as much as im comfortable with. really just a much as i can without sucking up sand.

I added a small Anubias Nana rhizome and moved the Sag.

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