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Philip's Emersed Aroid and Stem Plant Collection

It's finally time to present the project that has been consuming most of my time and money lately. I've really become fascinated with Bucephalandras (and other Aroid friends!) over the past few months. I think what i like most about them is the many different colors, shapes, sizes, and textures that they come in. I never thought i would stop collecting just stem plants, but some of the features that these plants have can not be found in any Ludwigia, Rotala, Ammannia, etc. Without further ado, i present to you my newest addiction:

- Two standard 20 gallon long glass aquariums
- 4x24 watt 24" HTG Supply T5-HO fixtures over each tank (3000k x2, 6400k x2); on for about 12 hours per day
- Standard house fan blowing across surface to keep tanks cool
- MistKing misting system w/ 2 nozzles in each tank; 30 second spray 8 times per day w/ re-mineralized RODI water
- Ultrasonic fogger in each tank to keep humidity high
- Glass tops with sealed sides to retain humidity
- Powerhead in each tank to circulate water
- 2" terra cotta pots from Michael's w/ ADA Amazonia + gravel at bottom for drainage (for smaller Aroids)
- 4" black plastic pots in back for stem plants and larger Aroids

Here's a complete list of my Aroid collection. Please keep in mind that not all types are available at this time.

Top tank (14 types; updated 4/22/2013):
- Alternanthera reineckii var. 'mini'
- Aridarum 'batang lemanak'
- Aridarum brutii
- Aridarum caulescens 'angustifolium'
- Bucephalandra 'Balai Karangan' (red stem)
- Bucephalandra gigantea 'West Kalimantan'
- Bucephalandra 'Sekadau' goliath
- Furtadoa 'Padang'
- Homalomena 'Sekadau'
- Microsorum pteropus 'red'
- Schismatoglottis 'Balai Karangan'
- Schismatoglottis 'long huriel'
- Schismatoglottis petradoxa 'Betong'
- Schismatoglottis roseospatha

Middle tank Aroids (37 types, updated 4/22/2013):
- Anubias 'stardust'
- Bucephalandra 'Biblis' green
- Bucephalandra 'Brownie ghost'
- Bucephalandra 'Brownie helena'
- Bucephalandra 'Bukit Biru' blue
- Bucephalandra 'Bukit Biru' green
- Bucephalandra catherineae purple (Kayu Lapis)
- Bucephalandra catherineae green (Kayu Lapis)
- Bucephalandra 'Fake Catherinae'
- Bucephalandra 'Hulu Kapuas' blue
- Bucephalandra 'Hulu Kapuas' green
- Bucephalandra 'Hulu Kapuas' purple
- Bucephalandra 'Hulu Kapuas' red
- Bucephalandra 'Jangkang'
- Bucephalandra 'Kayu Lapis 2' green
- Bucephalandra 'Kualakuayan 1'
- Bucephalandra 'Mini Catherinae'
- Bucephalandra 'Lamandau' green
- Bucephalandra 'Lamandau' mini green
- Bucephalandra 'Lamandau' purple
- Bucephalandra 'Lamandau' mini purple
- Bucephalandra 'Melawi' blue
- Bucephalandra 'Melawi' narrow blue
- Bucephalandra motleyana (giant leaves)
- Bucephalandra motleyana (brown leaves)
- Bucephalandra motleyana (deep purple leaves)
- Bucephalandra 'Nanga Pinoh' green
- Bucephalandra 'Nanga Pinoh' blue
- Bucephalandra 'Nekan'
- Bucephalandra 'North Sanggau'
- Bucephalandra 'Sabal'
- Bucephalandra 'Sekadau' blue
- Bucephalandra 'Sekadau' mini blue
- Bucephalandra 'Sekadau' green round leaf
- Bucephalandra 'Sekadau' mini green
- Bucephalandra 'Semuntai'
- Bucephalandra 'Velvet leaf 3'

Bottom tank Aroids (41 types, updated 4/22/2013):
- Bucephalandra 'Balai Karangan'
- Bucephalandra 'Batang Kawa'
- Bucephalandra 'Belindae'
- Bucephalandra 'Blue/green'
- Bucephalandra 'Brownie jade'
- Bucephalandra 'Copi susu'
- Bucephalandra 'Copper'
- Bucephalandra 'Dark Grey'
- Bucephalandra 'Kanowit'
- Bucephalandra 'Kayu Lapis 1'
- Bucephalandra 'Kayu Lapis 2' brown
- Bucephalandra 'Kayu Lapis 3'
- Bucephalandra 'Kedagang'
- Bucephalandra 'Kembayan'
- Bucephalandra 'Kota Baru'
- Bucephalandra 'Kualakuayan 2'
- Bucephalandra 'Kudangan'
- Bucephalandra 'Melawi' round leaves
- Bucephalandra 'Melawi' brown
- Bucephalandra 'Melawi' green
- Bucephalandra 'Melawi' wavy
- Bucephalandra 'Mentarang Kal-Timur'
- Bucephalandra 'Metallic wave'
- Bucephalandra 'Midnight blue 2'
- Bucephalandra motleyana 'Tebedu'
- Bucephalandra 'Nanga Mahap'
- Bucephalandra 'Nanga Taman'
- Bucephalandra 'Noyan'
- Bucephalandra 'Pawan'
- Bucephalandra 'Pearl Grey'
- Bucephalandra 'Red gaia'
- Bucephalandra 'Semadang'
- Bucephalandra 'Shine blue'
- Bucephalandra 'Shine green'
- Bucephalandra 'Silky blue 1'
- Bucephalandra 'Sintang'
- Bucephalandra 'Solid blue'
- Bucephalandra 'South Sekadau 2'
- Bucephalandra 'Theia 3'
- Bucephalandra 'Theia 6'
- Bucephalandra 'Titan II'


Bottom tank:

Left side:


Right side:

Bucephalandra 'Noyan' (bottom tank). Grows very tall and wide. Nice lime-green coloration.

Bucephalandra 'Kudangan' (bottom tank). This is by far the slowest growing Bucephalandra that i have come across yet. I have had it for about half a year now and it has shot out one leaf. It has only slightly grown in overall size. Quite a nice plant though!

Bucephalandra 'Belindae' (bottom tank), another one of my favorites. It has beautiful leaves and is quite different from any of the other Buces that i have.

Bucephalandra 'Batang Kawa' (bottom tank). Stays small and the new leaves are red. Relatively slow-growing. This picture really doesn't do it justice...

Schismatoglottis roseospatha. Can't seem to get a good pic of this one for some reason. EXTREMELY slow-growing... took a while to convert from submerged form to emersed form. Hasn't grown much lately. Trimming the rhizome seems to encourage new growth, like most other plants.

Schismatoglottis 'long huriel' (right) and Schismatoglottis 'Balai Karangan' (left), with Homalomena 'Sekadau' and Bucephalandra 'Pearl Grey' in front (bottom tank). Both Schismatoglottis species are fully-aquatic. Not sure about the Homalomena, as there is not too much documentation that i have been able to find regarding whether or not any species at all from the genus can be grown under water. If anyone knows, i'd love to find out!

No pictures of the top tank yet since it is a total mess and needs some major cleaning/organizing. I plan to get that done within the next couple of days.

More pictures and updates to come!

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Very nice collection. I'm really liking the Schismatoglottis 'long huriel'. Looks very similar to Anubias coffeefolia.

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Thanks guys!

I'm hoping to get as many more as i can fit in the top tank. The bottom tank is pretty much full at this point. I can probably fit another 20-25 up there. I'd really like to get my hands on some of the B. brownie variants, among many others. Just need to recoup some funds. ;)

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dude i'm from indonesia and i don't have this kind of collection
must have cost you a lot
thumbs up!!

question :
with that high level of water, do you have algae or fungus problem?
Haha, thanks man! I do have a LOT of money invested in these, but to me, it's well worth it... my parents and brother think i'm crazy, but hey, i'm happy! :smile:

The water level is typically not as high as shown in the photos. Since the water added by the misting is more than the amount of water that evaporates on a daily basis, i usually remove ~30-40% of the water weekly, but i've just been lazy. I have noticed that in one of the pots, there is quite a bit of cyano bacteria/blue-green algae accumulating on top of the soil. I really should keep the water lower. I might try cutting down the misting schedule to 5 times per day (30 seconds each) instead of 8. Or maybe just cut the misting time down to 15 seconds. That might help.

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Any updates on how they are all doing?
Everything is doing great! I added a few new plants to my collection, thanks to one of my good friends. :)

Bucephalandra 'Sabal'
Bucephalandra 'North Sanggau'
Cryptocoryne bullosa 'Maradong'
Cryptocoryne 'Kota Tinggi'
Cryptocoryne yujii 'Durin'
Cryptocoryne longicauda 'Sri Aman'
Cryptocoryne 'Pangkalpinang'
Cryptocoryne auriculata 'Maradong'
Furtadoa 'Padang'
Schismatoglottis petradoxa 'Betong'

I'm quickly running out of real estate in my tank for more plants. The bottom tank is full, and the top tank has room for 13 small plants and 2 small plants. I'm thinking about setting up another 20L on the top of the rack, but i haven't decided yet.

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Quick update:
I am up to 52 different Bucephalandra varieties, and have officially run out of room in my tanks! I am considering setting up a THIRD 20 gallon long tank that i would place on the top shelf of the rack. I would move all of the large plants (mainly Schismatoglottis, Homalomena, and Cryptocoryne species) plus the stem plants and larger Bucephalandras to this new tank. This would free up 22 spots for smaller Bucephalandras (trust me, i have my eye on plenty more!).

On a side note, i have noticed that the growth rate of many of my Bucephalandras has declined significantly, many to a point where the trimmed rhizomes are sprouting new side shoots and the plantlets stay very small for several months on end with no noticeable growth. I'm trying to figure out what is causing this. I removed 2 bulbs over each tank to decrease the light in half since a friend of mine is keeping them in much lower light and they are growing larger than mine ever have. Additionally, i am keeping the temperature inside the tanks cool by having a fan blowing across the light when it is on, and i am decreasing the humidity slowly because i think it might be way too high. I also tried crushing up some pFertz tablets and sprinkling it on the top of the soil in a few of the pots to see if they are suffering from a nutrient deficiency (some of the leaves on several of the plants are turning yellow and dying). Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Oh wow Phil, awesome! I have to do an emmersed set up for my tiny anubias that haven't grown in like forever. How much did you pay for that anubias white? I have seen them go for $80 plus. Also have you heard of other anubias varieties like variegated, marble, sunset etc...?

BTW where did you get those small little clay pots from? I don't think they sell them at lowes or home depot.

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Oh wow Phil, awesome! I have to do an emmersed set up for my tiny anubias that haven't grown in like forever. How much did you pay for that anubias white? I have seen them go for $80 plus. Also have you heard of other anubias varieties like variegated, marble, sunset etc...?

BTW where did you get those small little clay pots from? I don't think they sell them at lowes or home depot.
I paid $80 for my Anubias 'white'. :eek: I'm hoping that i'll be able to cultivate it and make some of that money back, lol.

Yes, there are many other Anubias species/varieties out there. Someday i'd like to get some Anubias 'stardust', as well as an Anubias 'micro'.

I purchased the pots from Michael's. They sell them for under a buck each... i think $0.69/ea? They're the perfect size for small Anubias and Bucephalandras, but don't really work too well for larger species.
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