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Emergency please help!!!!

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Hey, my name is josh. I have 2 20gallon tanks. The one I'm having problems in is the one a starter up after Christmas. I woke up this morning and my beautiful beta fish I've had for 7 months. I woke up looked at the tanks and feed them and I looked at my beta and it's entire back fins was rot away and he wasn't doing so well. So I Corentined him in a cup and then 12 hours he died... so I thought we'll maybe he was just getting old or something. But!! Then one of my neon Tera's I've had for 9 months died and had the same problem and had was missing color and looked faded and then one of my Chinese algae eaters died!!! Then I tested my tank. My ph is 7.0 ammonia 0ppm nitrite 0ppm and nitrate 0ppm. Then I got to thinking I bought my Chinese Algae waters on Monday from PETSMART!! And they're tanks are not the best always have died fish in them and bad conditions!!! So anyone who can help me save my fish ( what I have left) please help! Is there any type of Medicine I can buy to treat them I fear all my fish have the same problem it's just a matter of time till they pass. There's about $75 in fish and im very worried about them!

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What kind of test kit are you using?
Are you sure the tank is cycled? You post it is from Christmas but you posted late January about starting up a 20L. When did you add the fish? Temp? What is your water change schedule? I suspect you have an ammonia spike and something is amiss with your testing.

I have a fishless cycle going on in a tank now that is is currently on day 31 and I still cannot add fish and I too used filter media from an established tank. amm 0, nitrite off scale, nitrate off scale. I should have the nitrite fall off any day now and then I do a water change and am done but it is not something that can be rushed. PH and temperature affect cycle times too.
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